White Christmas with Word-for-Word  MP3 Download

White Christmas with Word-for-Word MP3 Download

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Christmas was approaching and Santa was worried. The seasons were all backwards. There was no snow. How could he use his sleigh to deliver the presents if there was no snow? Santa decides to make a trip to visit the only person he thinks can help, Mother Nature. Mother Nature tells Santa she decided to shake things up and make it warm all year long. Santa finally convinces Mother Nature to leave things alone and she agrees to return the seasons and the Christmas snow returned.

There are three options for this product—a paperback book with audio download, a paperback book with CD and an eBook (EPUB).

When you purchase the paperback book you receive a link to download the word-for-word audio read-along at no additional cost.

The CD is a word-for-word reading of the book so you child can listen over and over on his or her own.

The EPUB features word-for-word read-along that can be turned on or off. By turning the read-along off this EPUB functions like a normal eBook.