Santa's Workshop with Word-for-Word  MP3 Download

Santa's Workshop with Word-for-Word MP3 Download

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Things go bad in Santa's workshop when Santa introduces a new invention that is supposed to make toy-making more efficient. After disaster strikes, Santa realizes sometimes the old ways are best.

There are three options for this product—a paperback book with audio download, a paperback book with CD and an eBook (EPUB).

When you purchase the paperback book you receive a link to download the word-for-word audio read-along at no additional cost.

The CD is a word-for-word reading of the book so you child can listen over and over on his or her own.

The EPUB features word-for-word read-along that can be turned on or off. By turning the read-along off this EPUB functions like a normal eBook.

To purchase this product for your Kindle from Amazon CLICK HERE. The Kindle edition does not include audio.