Hansel and Gretel with Word-for-Word  MP3 Download

Hansel and Gretel with Word-for-Word MP3 Download

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Hansel and Gretel become lost in the woods and come across a beautiful little house. What they do not realize is the house is owned by a wicked witch. The witch plans to harm Hansel and Gretel but the two children trick the witch and push her in the hot over. They escape and are returned to their father.

There are three options for this product—a paperback book with audio download, a paperback book with CD and an eBook (EPUB).

When you purchase the paperback book you receive a link to download the word-for-word audio read-along at no additional cost.

The CD is a word-for-word reading of the book so you child can listen over and over on his or her own.

The EPUB features word-for-word read-along that can be turned on or off. By turning the read-along off this EPUB functions like a normal eBook.