David and Goliath

David and Goliath

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This is a downloadable eBook. A printed version is available from Amazon (see below).

A collection of Bible stories by V. Gilbert Beers and Ronald A. Beers. Each story includes a colorful illustration by Daniel J. Hochstatter.

Included with each story is a QR code with a link to the word-for-word audio read-along for that story.

Stories included in the book:

  • Samuel Serves in the Tabernacle
  • God Speaks to Samuel
  • The Ark Is Captured
  • The Return of the Ark
  • Saul Is Made King
  • Saul Sacrifices Wrongly
  • Jonathan’s Bravery
  • Samuel Anoints David
  • David and Goliath
  • The Friendship of David and Jonathan
  • Saul Tries to Kill David
  • Jonathan Warns David
  • Abigail Shares Her Food
  • David Spares Saul
  • Saul Dies in Battle
  • David Becomes King
  • David Captures Jerusalem
  • The Ark Is Moved

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